How it all began


An old high school friend buddy of mine, KW, has been day trading and swing trading for several years.  In early 2020, he said to me: “Hey man, you know how to code. You could write code to automate some of my trades.”    I laughed. ”I appreciate the confidence, but that’s way above my pay grade” I said.  

KW tried to convince me a few more times but gave up, only to ping me a few weeks later….  “hey man, I wrote an automated trading system but it’s acting funny, could you take a look at my code?”.  


KW is not a coder.  

Yet, here he had written a fully functional trading algorithm, that was live and trading. Profitably.   “Wait, is this for real?” I asked.   “And this language is called ‘M..Q..L.?’ ”  ( I later came to loathe MQL, but that’s less relevant). Needless to say, I was inspired to learn everything I could about this ‘algo trading’ I had heard so much about.

COVID hit shortly after and by then I was already waist-deep in what would become an all-consuming pandemic hobby, and more.

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