Trading Earnings Volatility With Options


This strategy was inspired by u/mori226. The system trades options spreads (diagonals) around earnings volatility, buying when IV is lowest, selling when it is highest. Current work-in-progress is in the embedded PDF below and includes backtest results from my prototyping in OptionStack. Spread Entry Long: One month after earnings, buy cheap LEAP calls.Entry Criteria (all must be met)It’s been at...

Kalman and Laguerre signals


It seems that the Kalman filter and Laguerre filter work well with EMAs for entries/exits. The attached algorithm trades Crypto (or any ‘trendy’ asset), using crossovers between the three. It has a 60% Win Rate and a 3.58 Sharpe, but don’t be fooled. This isn’t because it’s an amazing strategy, it’s because crypto assets went parabolic during the backtest period. So...

Fun with a ‘SPY Climber’


After a long work day I often challenge myself to write the least amount of code to generate the most profitable equity curve. I never have any intent to trade the thing –it’s deliberately overfit– but I find it to be good calming way to unwind.  Some people have a Zen garden on their desk. To each his own. Last night I wasn’t up for a challenge, but I still wanted the...

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