On ML: For ‘Feature’ Consideration


I’m a big fan of the folks at RobotWealth, the great work they are doing and their efforts to educate others. One of my favorite posts from @Kris goes into great detail about features, the importance of stationarity, and other key considerations when applying ML to trading. I shared this with a friend recently, and he summarized this gem of a post into key takeaways, and I thought to share some...

Smart Friends With Options


My high school buddy KW inspired me to take on systematic trading, but my other high school buddy FA showed me that I had Options. Pun aside, this has made all the difference. I have learned a LOT. Fun fact: FA once recommended that I take a position with TSLA calls — the position went 50x. Unfortunately I didn’t understand what he was talking about at the time, and I missed out. But...

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